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    Custom Garage Cabinets

    Functionally superior to the rest

    Custom made and custom installed garage cabinets are a forgotten necessity that has slowly come back into the spotlight. Custom garage cabinets are now one of the leading garage essentials across the country because of their ability to increase the functionality and safety of your garage.
    The unique quality about our garage cabinet installations is that we allow you to pick what material you would like them made out of and then how and where you would like them best installed. We are experts here to help you create a cabinet garage system that keeps you organized and out of harm’s way.
    Garage cabinets are important assets and great contributors to your garages décor and can also widely increase your property value/curb appeal.
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    The main types of cabinets

    What are you looking for?

    Garage storage cabinets can be cookie-cutter replicas of other garages that you’ve seen, or they can be completely distinct and individualized. Commonly, two types of garage cabinets are known:
    Modular – semi-custom cabinets. They are not attached and are prebuilt, meaning, they are not designed to solely be yours, but to fit many different spaces.
    Custom-fit – built specifically to fit and service your wants, needs, and desires including height, width, depth, use, material, and design.
    Our licensed experts know how to install garage cabinets that are unique and special to you in ways that would not be known to others. With specific materials like wood, metal, or other, your garage cabinets will truly be handcrafted.

    Custom Garage Cabinets

    Why should you have a custom-built garage cabinet system?

    There are many different benefits and reasons why installing custom garage cabinets truly benefit your home as a whole. Give our professionals a call for more information about custom garage cabinets
    Clutter is Dangerous
    Clutter is Dangerous
    When you begin to toss your belongings that don’t go inside the home into the garage a mess can quickly ensue. Keeping items in your garage is perfectly well, however, why not keep them organized?
    • Utilize your space efficiently
    • Park your vehicle inside the garage
    • Reduce accidents
    • Stay organized
    • Minimize any damage to particular items
    Improve Aesthetics
    Improve Aesthetics
    No one feels good about the way their garage looks if it hasn’t been organized. Opening your garage for the neighborhood to see can be very embarrassing if your garage looks like a dungeon that was long forgotten about. Garage cabinets can not only aid in organization, but they can also completely transform the look and feel of your garage.
    Safer Garage
    Safer Garage
    Children, elderly, and animals all are some of the few that may be a little more prone to accidents than other groups. Towering boxes, sharp tools, hidden hazards, all of these issues can send someone you love and care about to the emergency room quickly. To improve functionality and safety for your garage, custom built garage cabinets are truly the best option.
    • Reduce hidden hazards
    • Eliminate tools on the ground
    • Keep spilling hazards safely put away
    • Help children stay less curious about the products they can’t see in your cabinets.
    Increase Property Value
    Increase Property Value
    First impressions are a lot more important than most of us wish they were, so having a garage that can show how well equipped your home is can be very important. Most of the time, your garage is the first room strangers and friends alike see and for resale purposes, it can either increase your property value or quickly lower your property price. Custom installed garage cabinets give an essence of originality, functionality, and purposefulness to an otherwise cluttered and frightening area.
    A cookie cutter “one size fits all” is not a motto we believe nor will ever go by because we know how different people and their needs are from one another. We create and install one of a kind garage cabinet so that people like you can create a space that reflects your individual personality and compliment the rest of your home.
    Use your garage
    How many times has someone knocked on your door simply because they saw your car in the driveway and knew you were home? Or bad weather has gotten to your car whether it be heat, snow, rain, hail, or birds? When all of your tools and belongings that don’t belong inside the home are thrown around your garage floor it is impossible to use your garage for what it was originally intended for, parking your car.
    Wood Cabinets
    Choose Wood Cabinets
    It truly takes craftsmanship to have customized wood cabinets installed in your garage. This high-end cabinet material should be no more than one-inch thick to ensure it is strong and long-lasting. Wood is a delicate material to use when installing garage cabinets; however, if created and installed professionally your cabinets will not deteriorate.
    Steel Cabinets
    Choose Steel Cabinets
    Do you have tools for mechanics, electricians, gardeners, or handyman equipment that needs to be hidden away from the rest of the world in strong and durable cabinets? Steel cabinets are strong and aesthetically pleasing for a garage environment. Our cabinets can be customized to house all of your specific tools so each one has a home where it can be locked away.
    Keep it Safe
    When it comes to expensive tools and important equipment, we are no strangers to the fact that if these items are left lying around, they can end up going missing. Garage cabinets lower the possibility of your garage tools being stolen because they will not be out for the world to see. Garage cabinets can also be designed to have extra locks and to only fit certain equipment or tools that are extremely important to you.
    Don’t get framed by the competition
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    We provide professionally installed garage cabinets for a wide range of applications in Fort Wayne.
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    Specialize your Garage Cabinets

    Add features that are specific to you!

    When you’re having custom built garage cabinets you can have them built with features that are special to your wants and needs. Different features for garage cabinets add a functional aspect as well as a visually appealing aspect to your garage.
    • Sinks
    • Power Bars
    • Special lighting
    • Enclosures for specific tools and equipment
    • Storage racks
    All of these options are available for our clients to ensure their cabinets serve each individual person and their belongings.
    Custom Garage Cabinets
    Durable Flooring Solutions
    That Last For Decades
    We offer unlimited ways to customize your Custom Garage Cabinets with your choice of colors, patterns, and effects.
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    Benefits of Custom Garage Cabinets

    The benefits are endless

    All in all, a cabinet storage system is a fantastic way to enhance the look and feel of your garage. The benefits that come with our custom designed cabinets are unlimited.
    custom designed cabinets
    • Eliminate clutter
    • Enhance your garage space
    • Create a safe environment
    • Paints
    • Fertilizers
    • Cleaning products
    • Fluids
    • Lock and hide away important and expensive items
    • Increase property value
    • Create an organized space
    • House your car in your garage

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