How Wall Storage Can Benefit You

Top reasons why you should embrace

wall storage

garage with wall storage
Storage is one of the number one uses for our garages, but often we don’t use the space wisely, and it becomes a cluttered dumping ground in which we are not able to park our vehicles- which is the number two use for our garages. Let’s get those wheels back into the garage with wall storage. Here are the main benefits of wall storage solutions.
Wall storage frees of floor space
garage cabinets
This is by far the top reason to utilize wall space for storage in your garage. When you remove things from the floor, you are able to free up floor space and drive your vehicle back into your garage where it belongs. With garage wall storage such as PVC slat panels to hang items, or garage cabinets in which to tuck items away, or specialty storage racks, you can remove clutter from the floors and organize your garage so that your stored items are at your fingertips.
Get organized
organized garage
Homeowners tend to spend a lot of time in their garages but there is no need to spend extra time there looking for things because they don’t have a place to belong. When your yard tools, handyman tools, or sporting good equipment have an organized home, it is easy to locate what you need when you need it instead of wasting precious moments looking for that one lost item.
Enhance Curb Appeal
garage door
Even if you are not in the market to sell your home, an organized garage is an important piece of your curb appeal. The average homeowner opens their garage door upwards of 1500 times per year. Many Americans are embarrassed to leave their garage door open though because of the clutter and disarray. Our garage space is one of the few indoor spaces in our home that can be seen on a regular basis from the street. Adding wall storage units can help to clear the clutter and make your garage a place to be proud to have on display.
Create a space saving work area
space with wall storage
Another reason we spend a lot of time in our garages is because it is a great place to complete DIY projects. Many homeowners even choose to add a small workbench or space to complete these projects when they free up floor space with wall storage units. You may even be able to pick up a new hobby if you have the extra space in your garage to get started on a new project. Work on your car, create a man-cave area, or repair your tools with the extra floor space you reveal.
Update your garage floor
Update your garage floor
Concrete dust, cracking and chipping is a huge eyesore and a common problem that many homeowners cite about their garages. Garage floors tend to take a beating, and a new garage floor coating may be the solution to further damage. Garage floor coatings include epoxy garage flooring, stamped concrete, and rubber floor coatings- to name only a few. Upgrading your garage floor is a small way to create huge impact on your garage remodel.
Add value to your home when you choose to add wall storage to your garage. The number one benefit to potential homebuyers is space- particularly closet and storage space. By maximizing the storage solutions in your garage, you make your home more enticing to future buyers. Even if you are not in the market to sell your home, it is still beneficial to add to your home value.