Types of garage cabinets you need to avoid

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Get the Best Type Of

Storage is by far one of the most common uses of garage space. Maximizing your storage capacities and keeping clutter organized and under control in our garages is often an uphill battle. The best way to manage the clutter and keep from losing your belongings stored in the garage is to install custom garage cabinets. There are a few considerations and pitfalls to avoid when choosing custom garage cabinets.
When it comes to low cost garage cabinets the most appealing feature of the options on the market is likely the cost savings. In the long run though, these low cost options may end up costing you money when you have to repair broken items or replace the cabinets all together because they just don’t stand up to the beating that you garage may put on them. Here is why the thrifty approach may not be the best option and the types of garage cabinets you need to avoid.
1. Repurposed Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets
While these can often be the least expensive choice because they have been leftover from a previous home remodel project or even gifted to you by a friend or family member that had them leftover, they may not be the best choice because wooden cabinets in a garage are particularly susceptible to damage from moisture and humidity as well as large swings in temperature. The potential for dry rot and mold and mildew buildup is high with these types of cabinets. Many kitchen cabinets are also not built to withstand the heavier items that we typically store in garage cabinets.
2. Cheap metal garage cabinets
Since wood is not the best choice for garage storage, then certainly metal must be the better option, right?
Although it is true that metal can be a good material to withstand the extremes in your garage, if you are looking into cheap metal cabinets, there is probably a good reason for it. When looking for metal cabinets always choose steel over aluminum and pay attention to the steel gauge. Anything 20 or below would be the quality you are searching for to use in your garage.
3. Plastic Garage Cabinets
Next to the free leftover cabinets, plastic do-it-yourself shelving units and cabinets are the cheapest option for your garage; however, these plastic cabinets are not a viable long term solution. Do not be swayed by the fancy wording in the advertising or the inexpensive option because these are the least durable solution for garage storage needs. Not only do they not last very long, but they also are not strong enough to withstand the heavy load that you should demand from your garage storage.
4. DIY garage cabinets
Even if woodworking is your hobby, many homeowners think that they can save money by building their own storage solutions for their garage. Not only do DIY cabinets require a large amount of your leisure time, but often the frustration involved in building your own set of cabinets may not be worth the cost savings. Often DIY units also end up with a haphazard patchwork look that is not aesthetically pleasing.
5. Prefabricated Cabinets
Prefabricated DIY cabinetry is often used as a storage solution in garages. Just as the garage environment is not suitable for real wood cabinets repurposed from a previous project, the lower quality constructed wood from prefab cabinets is even less suitable to the humidity and temperature extremes. These products have a tendency to chip or split easily, and the shelving units have a tendency to warp and buckle over time.
Remember that cheap garage cabinets typically equate to a cheap garage look. By choosing higher quality products, you may eventually save money over time by not having to replace your cabinets with frequency. Keep in mind that a large amount of time can be spent in the garage. In order to maximize productivity as well as satisfaction in your garage, take the time and financial investment now.