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20 09, 2019

Types of garage cabinets you need to avoid


Tips To Make Sure You Get the Best Type Of Storage is by far one of the most common uses of garage space. Maximizing your storage capacities and keeping clutter organized and under control in our garages is often an uphill battle. The best way to manage the clutter and keep from losing your belongings stored in the garage is to install custom garage cabinets. There are a few considerations and pitfalls to avoid when choosing custom garage cabinets. When it comes to low cost garage cabinets the most appealing feature of the options on the market is likely the cost savings. In the long run though, these low cost options may end up costing you [...]

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20 09, 2019

Brainstorming your dream garage


Brainstorming your dream garage Garages are a large portion of our homes and have become a larger focal point of home design in the last half century because Americans own so many cars, and we use our garages for so much more than simple vehicle storage. So, you know you want to change something, but you’re not sure what you want or where to start? Here are some tips and ideas to consider when you begin the brainstorming process for updating your garage. New Garage Flooring With the plethora of options available for your concrete garage flooring, there is no reason that this option should not be first on your list of [...]

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20 09, 2019

Ways to make your garage transformation easier


Ways to make your Garage transformation easier Does clutter keep you from parking your cars in the garage? Or have you run out of space for your yard tools and outdoor items? Your garage should be able to serve multiple functions for you and your family. While you may be able to design and implement a cohesive organized plan for your garage makeover, it may be time to enlist the help of the experts to design your dream garage. There are several reasons to hire a professional for your garage remodel: Experience Hiring a team of garage experts can ensure that your new garage is organized and clutter free but that it also functions to [...]

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20 09, 2019

How you can boost your curb appeal with a simple garage makeover


How you can boost your curb appeal with a simple garage makeover As homeowners, we are often on autopilot when we return home from a long busy day. When was the last time you actually paid attention to your garage door or to the dirty cluttered mess that is in your home garage? Garages are often the main impact of the exterior of our home, so curb appeal is absolutely impacted with a garage facelift. Don’t be fooled into thinking that curb appeal is just for the homeowner preparing to sell their home. Curb appeal is important for the property value of everyone. Also your garage door is open and closed an average of 3-5 times per [...]

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20 09, 2019

Here is why custom garage cabinets should be a part of your makeover


Here is why custom garage cabinets should be a part of your makeover Garages are often neglected and overlooked as usable space in your home, particularly for storage. Garages can be excellent places to maximize storage for your home, but with a design makeover that includes custom cabinetry, you may find that the storage in your garage far exceeds your expectations. Custom garage cabinets should be a priority for your garage makeover. Modular versus customized cabinets Although you may choose either modular garage cabinets or customized garage cabinets, the benefits of customization are endless. Custom cabinets include many specialized design choices, and they also come in a vast array of color choices [...]

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